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Sirius Financial Services


What I Do For You?
I assist my clients in the preservation and transfer of wealth, while allowing for flexibility to develop future opportunities for wealth creation. I work in conjunction with my clients and their professional advisors (i.e., legal, accounting, etc.) to develop a client-focused strategy to meet their intended financial goals and objectives. I frequently act as a liaison between my clients and their professional advisors. Professional advisors work as a team to develop a plan that integrates all facets of a client's financial portfolio, including income sources, capital assets, business assets, registered funds, investment portfolio, personal debt, business obligation, income tax obligations etc.

My role as a financial analyst is to isolate areas of risk and evaluate ongoing developments that can interfere with the successful completion of your goals. Once the risk is quantified, I design and implement financial solutions that co-exist with your current asset base and that will mitigate loss through careful monitoring of your financial portfolio.


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